[Source] Black iron wire

One of my children has become interested in armor making. Right now
we are learning the easier art of scale armor on leather but want to
try mail. The trouble is the wire. All the steel wire that I have ever
used for many structural (hidden within the inside of the object)
projects through the years is the ‘galvanized’ actually cadmium
undercoated, zinc electroplated wire commonly called binding wire or
anchor wire. We need a source of either black iron wire or uncoated
steel wire in 9 and 13 gauge. Any ideas? Geo.

Just go to your local hard wear store, I have bought steel wire
there. in a small spool, right by the other types of wire, brass,
copper etc… they have it in different gauges too. Good Luck! Amanda

Geo. The construction industry uses soft iron wire to tie pieces of
reinforcing steel together until concrete is poured around it. It
comes in several sizes but I don’t know about 9 or 13. You could
probably double it and use two or three strands. Lumber stores that
sell reinforcing iron carry it as does Home Depot. Regards Joe
Oh, its called “tie wire”

I wanted to thank everyone who replied both on and off-list about
black iron wire and also mailmaking in general. Geo.