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[Source] Black glass enamel

Hi, and a happy New Year to all!

I made a sterling silver ring with black glass enamel in a design on
top, but could only find hard, with a melting temp of 1500 deg F.
After five firings to build up the thickness needed, the metal had

Do any of you know a source for low (preferred) or medium melt
opaque glass enamel? I know it exists, but when I go to the supplier
mentioned in a 1989 book, they only list high temp/hard melt

Thanks for your help!
Allan Beck
Idaho, USA

I use either Thompson unleaded or Ninomiya leaded enamels. Most
enamels will have a firing range and I typically fire around 1450
degrees. If you fire lower but longer you can get more control over
the final result but I have fired at 1500 on many occasions. That
said, I’ve never had a problem with silver but I’m not sure what you
mean by ‘degrading’. I only use fine silver which won’t develop
firescale in the kiln. If you’re using sterling-which would have more
strength than fine silver- you should first do depletion gilding in
order to leave a thin layer of fine silver on the surface.

You could google the words torch firing enamels or try using the
soft glass that lampworkers use in the powder form.

Frantz glass, Olympic glass (, or a local pottery
supply house will have fine frit or powders.