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[Source] Black Diamond beads

My supply has dried up. Anyone in the USA supplying 3-5mm?

Tony Konrath
Key West Florida 33040


I have an almost unlimited supply of black diamond beads and
roundels. Are you looking for strands or just pieces and what

Best regard
Jeff Dunnington

Jeff: How much do you charge for the black diamond beads per strand?
Do you have any other colored diamond strands besides black?

Please let me know.

Thank you,
Lisa Darnell


I manufacture metal beads, karat gold, sterling and gold filled. We
also use liver of sulfur to oxidize the sterling shades of black.
However, I don’t know what black diamond beads are. Would someone
please explain to me just what they are?


Ron, Jeff Dunnington responded (below)recently with black dia
beads for sale, That just what they are black facet roundel shaped
diamond beads. "Attached is a picture of few strands of 2-3mm black
diamond beads. They are completely black with no grey striations.
Each strand is approximately 29 carats total weight. The cost is
$42.00 per carat. " Thomas