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[Source] Bezel Cutters



I recently bought a nice disc cutter set and was wondering if
someone could recommend a source for cutter sets of odd/different
shapes (like flowers, hexagons, ovals, teardrops). I want to use the
correct terminology for the tool, but I don’t know it.

Also, if someone wanted to have a set of cutters made to
specification, who would they go to? A tool and die manufacturer?

Kim Starbard
Cove Beads


Disc cutters are not bezel cutters, terminology wise. One can buy
shapes in various places - I know Shlaiffers (spelling is close,
anyway) Enamels carries them - they have online shopping. But they
are copper, and only what they have. If you want what you want,
though - yes, custom made is the way. They DO exist - Rio Grande has
a few, Stuller has a few. Ross Metals (54 West 47th St NY,NY 10036
800 654-7677) has quite a few. They are called “Stampings”. You had
the terminology right - A “Tool and Die maker” The tool is the
punch, and the die is the shape the punch fits into. Even a simple
set, custom made, will not be cheap - Seems like the Bonnie Doon
system offers some, too. If all that sounds vague, it’s because they
are not common, and not uncommon - It’s the inventory syndrome:
Whatever you offer, someone’s going to want something else. My
suggestion, though, would be to look at Rio Grande, and Stuller, and
look for earrings and pendants. There are many simple shapes there.