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[Source] bezel cups

Does anyone know of a source for 6mm round silver bezel cups
which are really 6mm (IJS advertises 6 and they are approximately
6.2) and of decent quality?

I had the same problem finding ‘true’ 4 and 5 mm bezel cups in
gold. I tried three big findings suppliers with no luck and
finally ended up at Rio! There prices were really good too for
small quantities…I was surprised. good luck tlee

With practice, one can make great bezel cups that fit the
stone exactly! I’ve never had to purchase any manufactured
cups. I’ve also not encountered manufactured cups which have
been fine silver (easier to work with than sterling- in my

If you can use a top quality (read: thicker, open-backed,
somewhat more expensive) 6.0mm bezel cup, my store,
Metalliferous, stocks them. E-mail me or call me at 888-944-0909
Monday through Friday. The store is open from 8:30 am till 6:00
pm, but I don’t get in until after 10 am. (Hey, no banker’s
hours jokes. I’m usually there until 7 or 8.)

To be honest, if I could remember the prices, I’d quote them
here, but I’m doing this from home.

I hope this helps.

David Feldman

I have ordered bezel cups from Rio and their stones in
corresponding sizes and found you could not count on their stones
fitting consistently. Too big, too small…either way, might
as well make your own bezel cups and buy stones elsewhere for
less. Do you think the gold bezel cup sizes might run more
true than silver?


  Do you think the gold bezel cup sizes might run more true
than silver?

They did, 4m were 4 exact inside diameterthat batch
anyway! These are low profile cups not bezels with inside
bearings. The inside bearing bezels are way easier to work with
since you can quickly enlarge or tighten them a bit before you
set. good luck tlee