[Source] Beads Catalogue

Loking for catalogs that feature glass beads, mineral beads, fossil
beads, dichroic beads, metal beads,etc,…

Heck, just ALL beads, ALL the time.

Can you wonderful, wonderful people out there direct me to any
wholesale bead catalogs that are online or in print.

Much Obliged.
Andrea Streicher
Streicher Studios and A Beadable Feast
Original Sterling Silver and Glass Jewelry


http://www.beadsgalore.com… Here is Arizona… but it is much more
fun to go and run your hands thru all the beads… Have fun.


Andrea, You might try Abeada at 1 800-521-6326,good prices and an
everchanging selection.

Susan Hoge


One of my favorite bead catalogs from years back was Garden of Beadin
in Northern California. I just checked and they have a web site:

Maybe the web site can’t do justice to their stock but they do let you
order samples which is nice and you can probably get the catalog
through their web site. Actually the catalog printings are sporadic
but worth it.


Andrea, You could do worse than to start with these URLs for beads:

The Bead Site:
Da Bead Babe:
The Bead Man:

But much more fun than stringing beads is making them. so hear are
some supplies links:

Arrow Springs:
Glass Line Newsletter:

As a bead maker I admit a certain degree of prejudice against factory
made beads so have included the bead making supply links in the hope
of seducing you away from buying ready made ones.

Hi, Like someone else said, consider taking a lampworking class. To
make basic beads and even some pretty cool ones doesn’t take alot of
money to set up and skills to make the simple stuff come quickly if
you have good hand/eye coordination.

Try Firemountain Gem and Halsteadt Bead. Can’t recall the web
addresses, but I don’t think they’d be hard to find with your
favorite search engine.


Pick up a copy of Ornament. Go through the pages and you will find all
the bead sources you need. If you need anything specific, email me

I have been making semi-precious stone jewelry for years.

Yvonne @Yvonne_Pankowski