[Source] Beach glass beads


I am looking for drilled sea/beach glass beads, anyone know where I
can find it? Would appreciate the help. Looked locally and through
the Internet but couldn’t find a wholesaler/business that sold the
beads. Yes I know I can drill my own sea glass but would rather just
buy it in bulk and focus on jewelry design instead.



Try doing a search in google on recycled glass beads. You will come
up with many more options. I saw some at beadsandpieces.com. They
are very pretty. They’re the round type (I’m not sure if you are
looking for the type that actually looks like sea glass but with a
hole in it or shapes) but this will start you off in a good
direction. A place called 1worlsarongs.com had some cool pieces also.

Good Luck.
Kim Starbard
Cove Beads