[Source] Base coated steel

I am looking for base coated steel to enamel. Does anyone know of a
source I can contact?

I am not familiar with the term base coated steel but
Thompsonenamel.com has enameling iron, silver plated steel, and
enameled iron tiles(18 ga) withground coat only.

In addition there is what we call appliance board. It looks like the
stuff they make washing machines out of.

I used to buy mine from Thompson Enamels in the days when I used
them for enamel landscapes. I don’t do that anymore and still have a
pile of them around. Contact me off-list if you are interested in
them and I’ll look and see what sizes I have. Donna in VA

Hello Julie,

You can get pre enameled steel from coral Shaffer of

it is very lightweight and perfect for jewelry. She will cut it to
any size for you. If your looking for heavy weight pre enameled steel
then contact Thompson enamel company.


The industry name of the product is VE (porcelain) steel. The VE
refers to vitrious enamel. The product is pretty hard to come by
because it is industry specific - steel case appliances -ie. stoves

I know someone in the industry that is an industrial enameller for
appliances in the LA area. I’ll see if I can find a supplier or some
REM’s. Realistically, how big (or little) a sheet and ga are you
looking for? 48 x 96, 48 x 120.



Schlaifer Enameling Supples - http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep7zgz
has a wide range of metals including pre-enameled steel tiles as well
as everything you need - enamel, tools, kilns, books, etc.