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[Source] Banded Agate


Does anyone have a source for banded agate? I am especially
interested in finding the type that can be carved to make cameos.

Thank you.


The best material comes out of Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Try Herbert
Klein or Hans Deiter Haag. I believe both have web sites.

Sali Mel
Casmira Gems


I have banded agate, mostly gray and white and could supply you with
rough or slabs.

Steve Howard



I tried cutting some of the material I thought would work for cameos
and there is not enough contrast between the bands. I will keep my
eyes open on my prospecting trips.



I have also not found agate first cut properly in slab so I can
carve into layers and two that has enough contrast. The layers are
very thin at times…will keep searching too.

Silver & Cameo Heritage Jewelry