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[Source] Argentium Sterling Silver

Can anyone suggest an updated suppliers list for the new Argentium

I have heard back on this Argentium supply issue and have been told
that indeed the Thessco contract has ended and negotiations are
underway with a “larger European supplier”.

In the meantime the following was mentioned as a possible European
source. At this point all I know is their contact details which are:

Kultakeskus Oy
PO Box 26

Contact name:
Tony Jackson
Tel No. +358 3 65 711

I also have an email address for Kultakeskus which I’ll happily share
with anyone that cares to ask me offlist.

Trevor F.

For those of you interested in getting Argentium from a European
supplier I can now heartily recommend Kultakeskus in Finland. Anthony
Jackson was my contact there and he very helpful in working with me to
get the raw material at an attractive price. I wanted to avoid
fabrication costs so I placed an order for a 1.5 kg ingot which I hope
to receive in a few days.

Kultakeskus is mentioned at and their website is

For those of you who might be interested I’ve started a blog to chat
about my day-to-day experience of working with Argentium. The blog is
called “Working with Argentium Silver” and is hosted at As ever your
comments are most welcome and the blog provides a facility for same.

Trevor F.