[Source] Aqua crystals

Happy Monday everyone, I�ve been trying to find a supplier for small
aqua crystals that I can use for dangle earrings and pendants.
There�s plenty of tourmalines in the market from all over, but there
seems to be almost now aqua that is small enough and has any color.
Any referrals would be much appreciated. I�m working on changing a
tourmaline crystal and trillion design to incorporate a parcel of 6mm
trillion aqua�s I bought.

Have a great week!

Hi, Susie and list

Tell me how many aqua crystals you are looking for and the min and
max length and min and max dia you need.

I have crystals of all kinds as well as gem stones…

See the new ruby in zoisite heart I just carved at:
http://www.mysticmerchant.com/rubynzoisite/ mostly ruby with just a
hint of green the colour is excellent.

All the best in all things,


Dear SuzieQ, I have been making jewelry with crystals for years and I
know from my recent visits to Tucson that there have been no recent
(up until the last show) finds of the Nigerian aqua, which produces
the darker blue especially in the smaller sizes. The Brazilian doesn’t
produce the tiny, long, slender dark blue crystals, nor does the
Pakistan nor Afghanistan–the material is just too light in the
smaller sizes. Good luck, possibly someone who has stashed some away
will appear. Bill Navran