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[Source] Anti-tarnish fabric

Hi all,

Am looking for some anti-tarnish fabric, anyone know of any? It
doesn’t have to be pretty… it’s to protect my pieces inbetween
showings when they are on boards.


Amery Carriere Designs
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge

JoAnn Fabrics sell Kenized SilverShield cloth by the yard - brown or
green. It is made by Fifield in Hingham MA - -
they sent me their brochure. Good luck, jeanette

Hi Amery,

Here’s a place that sells anti-tarnish cloth, $9.99 per yard.


Try - they have the silver cloth for
$10/yard, 54 inches wide. If you find it cheaper, check the width,
some stores cut the fabric in half, like 27 inches and sell for
seven or eight dollars/yard. For other alternatives, google silver
cloth or anti tarnish cloth. Colors other than brown usually cost
more. The fabric doesn’t ravel too much, but if you are going to
handle it a lot, serge or hem the edges.

Judy Hoch

Hello Amery,

You’ve seen the replies about source of the fabric. You’ll want some
for wrapping, etc.

As I recommended before, keep an eye out for silverware chests. They
are the perfect silver storage box: properly lined, with a
tight-fitting lid (which is important) and a hard-walled container
that protects the contents.

I have two chests, and would like to find another! Estate sales,
charity shops, and your great-aunt Maude’s old battered silver plate
that no one wants are sources. Happy hunting.

Judy in Kansas, where the garden is all planted and the strawberries
are blooming. Oh, won’t the turtles be happy when they ripen!

If anyone is interested in silver care and display (plus product
resources), please visit my updated Silver Care Guide:


Rio sells it, as does Fire Mountain.

Beth in SC