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[Source] All Metals Saw

Help! I am trying to locate a place that sells the Jumpringer All
Metals Saw. The only two places that I can find that carry it…The
Ring Lord and Rio Grande…do not currently have it in stock. Does
anyone know of any other suppliers who carry it?


Hello Jacqueline,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ray Grossman and my firm
manufactures the Jump Ringer and the All Metals Saw. I was in the
middle of redesigning The All Metals Saw when we moved from New York
to Massachusetts. Unfortunately the New England winter got me
frozen pipes and the consequent flood. We’ve temporarily discontinued
this project until we settle with our insurance carrier and resume
normal operations. We presently have no inventory and there is none
in the marketplace.

If you do not need to cut ferrous metal (iron or steel), titanium or
platinum, I suggest you purchase a Jump Ringer from either of the
very honorable firms you contacted (we market our products only
through recognized tool distributors). It will do a superb job on
gold, gold filled, silver, copper, brass, niobium and aluminum wire.

If you have any questions or need technical help, I am always
available at 1-781-595-4848

Ray Grossman

You can ask Ray Grossman, the manufacturer who would currently have

Ray Grossman Inc
19 Wedgewood Drv.
Westbury, NY

I bought mine from Indian Jewellers Supply Co.
Hope that helps Jacqueline,

Brian Barrett

I have never posted before as I was not sure whether a it would be
appropriate. However after a recent orchid thread discussing this, I
think the board as a whole concluded vendors should post in this
forum in response to the needs of and/or requests of participants.

As such, we have a jumpringer all metals saw in stock. If interested,
please call Allcraft at 1-800-645-7124.

Thank you.