[Source] 4mm Opal cabs

Can anyone point me in the right direction to purchase some good
quality 4mm opal cabs. Rio is out and I am having difficulty locating


Hello Barry,

I have 25 4mm round small opals, some have really good color and some
just look like “jelly”. Would like to “borrow” them until such time
you can find opals? Let me know and I will snail mail asap. I also
have pears, oval and marquis that are 4x2 and smaller.

Best Regards,
Veva Bailey


We do have these stones available. Please contact me directly for

Aimee Segura Darby
Supervisor, Diamond & Gemstone Sales

Hi, I think you may have trouble finding the cabs you want in
quality opal, quality opal is not usually calibrated as its too
pricey to waste on cutting to size, there are lots of opal dealers
who are heading to Tucson so you may get lucky but you will have to
do some leg work,

You should be able to get white opal that is calibrated but I think
if you are after black opal I don’t hold out much hope.

The only other option is to buy cabs that you can have cut to the
size that you require.

Christine in the Ridge, wishing she was going to Tucson but is
planning for 2010 but that seems like ages away. Sort of like waiting
for xmass when you are 5. So all you lucky ducks who are going have a
lovely time and if you see a long tall Texan in a black hat by the
name of Dalan Hargrave say hi from Christine.

Hi Barry,

Give a call to Pioneer Gem Corp. (Auburn, WA) at 253 833-2760. No
relation but I’ve had some very satisfactory transactions with them
over the years.

Good luck,
Dr. Mac