[Source] 3M purple sanding bands?


Who sells the 3M ceramic purple sanding bands in packages of 100 or

I used to buy them from progress machine & tool corp. in Los
Angeles, but they’ve gone bankrupt :frowning:

Who else sells tools + accessories besides Rio Grande?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

Try AA findings at 6th and Hill Laurie. They may have them.

Lisa (saved the 5’ gopher snake from the dogs. Of course the silly
thing bit me. Twice…lol. Bad snake!) Topanga, CA USA

Lisa Bialac-Jehle
Byzantia Jewelry

Hi Laurie,

You should be able to order the 3M Purple Ceramic Sanding Bands from
any Foredom Dealer. They are available in 100 packs.

Mike Zagielski
Sales Manager
Foredom Electric, Zona Tool

The Progress Tools website indicates: ‘Progress Machine and Tool
Corp. has ceased operations. This website has been acquired by The
Contenti Company of Pawtucket, RI.’

You may be able to find what you are looking for at Contenti.

Gwen Bernecker