[Source] 24 Kt. Gold Chain

Hello to all,

We have enjoyed lurking mostly the past few years and all of the
personal call & contacts with some on the group especially those
concerning laser welding & CAD/CAM. We have just acquired the "Rhino"
and the learning curve looks daunting. Also the Crafford laser
welder we have has been a interesting tool to use, for the last 2

We have been attempting to locate a chain supplier that has 24 Kt.
Gold. Our client has been presented with what we do have from our 2
current suppliers. The offerings are not what she considers varied
enough. Any one able to recommend their source of 24 Kt. Chain

Any and all is appreciated. Please respond in or out of
forum, as you wish. Our address is @BobnCyn

Thank you for your time,
BobnCyn Wallace
Gold Impressions

Hi guys try http://www.goldpalace.com/. Lots of inventory. I got
one 22kt chain from them (only business). Very nicely made, great
finish, great price, great shipping…