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[Source] 22k gold Granules

It seems that I might be able to get some help here on this site.

Since 1993 I became a granulation jewelry artist and loving it until
recently my supplier of the granules can no longer produce and I am
having a problem finding a replacement. I would very much appreciate
if you have any ideas of whom I should go to for the problem as such,
please visit my website to
understand more of my work.

Many thanks,
Richard Tang


Bill Fretz and his son Jordan Fretz are making Argentium granules.
The only retail supplier that I know of at the moment is Otto Frei.

I suggest that you contact Bill and ask him if he’d consider making
22K granules.

Cynthia Eid

Hello Richard

Your work is awesome. You can make your own granules, just make
round wire and wrap it around something round (drill shank or another
wire) then cut single rings and heat with torch. You will have nice,
exactly the same size granules. Just use charcoal soldering block.



Sharing files and pictures with Orchid is easy - Simply attach them
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How about yourself Richard. All granules are is gold cut into tiny
uniform sizes then heated to Make them spheres. Make thin flat
sheet. Cut with scissors or cutter. Both directions. Thin strips.
Catch on paper. Put on solder block and torch. Done! ! Boom

Hi Richard!

I am a goldsmith in Israel. I see from your site that you have
relatively expensive works and was wondering if one can really get
orders for such items from internet sales. I am used to being able to
speak with my clients. It seems it would be very difficult for people
to even know about your site. How has it been for you…

Many thanks for any input,
Janet in Jerusalem

Seeing as how most of your pieces feature granulation, you’d
certainly save money by making the grains yourself. There is an
initial investment in the kiln and set of sieves, but I suspect the
saving in the metal suppliers markup would pay for the equipment in
relatively short order.

However, Karl Fisher in Germany sells granules in a range of
calibrated sizes and several different karats.

Elliot Nesterman