[Source] 20mm Blue Chalcedony Cabs

I have a customer who would like for me to make a ring with a 20mm
round blue chalcedony just like one I made for her in black onyx. She
is very particular and wants the size and height of the stone to be
very much like the black onyx. It was just a machine cut 20 mm stone
from Rio Grande. (Yes, she is aware the chalcedony will be much more
expensive.) :o)

Does anyone know where I might find one or is someone interested in
cutting one? So far, all I have found are 16 - 18 mm stones with a
much higher dome.

Thank you for any help!

Linda Blumel

You could try indojewels in NYC. They don’t list that size on their
Web site, but it is something he might be able to get you. He often
has large cushion shaped chalcedony, and they are nice quality.