[Source] 1mm drilled pearls

I am restoring an antique ring that had a circle of 1mm drilled white
akoya pearls. They were held in place in a channel with gold wire
strung thru the pearls. Does anyone have a source for full drilled 1
mm pearls? I need about 25.

Joel Schwalb

Hello, Joel,

I think you need seed pearls, which are naturally occuring pearls,
size 2mm or less. We sell them by the strand in several size
categories: 1-1.25mm, 1.5-1.8mm, & 1.8-2mm. Measuring correct size is
critical; most drilled-through seed pearls used in rings are larger
than 1mm.

Contact me off-line, if you’d like more

Kind regards,
Mary Stachura