[Source] 18mm Rose Gold Bolt Clasp

Not sure if this is where to post this, but I’m getting desperate. I
made a necklace for my client, showed her photos, she was happy, paid
and the item was sent. Now she doesn’t like the clasp on it and wants
something else.

She wants an 18mm Rose gold fancy, thick ring bolt clasp. She also
doesn’t want to pay the $200 odd dollars for a solid gold one, so it
must be Gold fill or Gold plated (the plated part I’m not so happy
with, but if it’s what the client wants…)

I have trolled eBay, Googled my fingers off, tried all of the
regular places.

Please, please, please, someone help me. At a pinch, she said she
would be happy with a 14K Yellow Gold filled 18mm ring bolt clasp (I
WILL NOT go plated on yellow gold as it is too bright compared with
the 14K yellow gold jump rings I use and will look tacky…no
offence to anyone intended)

It took me forever to find the original clasp and it was only by
luck that I happened across a woman who was selling up her jewellery
business and was getting rid of old, old stock. Supplier no longer
exists. (I tried her already).

Here is what I made for her: http://tinyurl.com/mot2ug

She has decided that she doesn’t like the ‘antique’ finish on the
clasp, although she likes the shape and style of this clasp. She
wants a shiny rose gold clasp, or next best, a shiny yellow gold
clasp. I doubt seriously that I can get an identical one to this with
the side bars, the best I have seen are similar to this:

The original necklace is 14K Rose and Yellow Gold Filled rings, the
second one pictured is 14K White and Yellow Gold Filled rings with a
yellow gold (plated but tumbled to get off the overly ‘gold’ finish)
ring bolt clasp. I only got the plated yellow gold ones because she
said she would be happy with them. I wasn’t happy when they arrived,
so I refused to use them. I appreciate your help. Thank-you, in



If the clasp is gold filled you stand a good chance of removing the
‘antique finish’ with nasty solvents and acids (beware of steel
spring inside) although I’d start with an aggressive rouge, not
red… maybe green or dialux blue.

Otherwise client might deserve the alternative use of a dead blow
hammer :slight_smile:

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