[Source] 18k Palladium white gold

I’m looking for a good source for 18k palladium white gold " 18
gauge sheet, 14 gauge wire. And I’m too small of an operation for
Stuller or Hoover and Strong to sell to.

El Phillips

Call Myron Toback in NY. They’re happy to sell small quantities. I
don’t know if their 18K is palladium or nickel, but info and quotes
are free.


Elliot Nesterman

Good Morning. You are not too small for Stuller. You can open a
Bench account which allows you to order tools and metals. As well. I
must say you will have to answer questions and fill out a form. call
ext 500 new accounts.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

Hi El

You may want to check with G&S Metals. I know it is not listed on
their website but I’ve been able to special order items through them.

Here is a link to their website:

Have a great weekend!

I'm looking for a good source for 18k palladium white gold " 18
gauge sheet, 14 gauge wire. And I'm too small of an operation for
Stuller or Hoover and Strong to sell to. 

I am a one man operation with occasional helpers/apprentices and
have been buying from Hoover and Strong for at least 35 yeas. I love
some of their alloys, and have been using their palladium since they
began selling it. It may seem like a lot of hoops to jump through,
but persevere, you have to start dealing with larger institutions
somewhere. Thomas III

Most online vendors do not have 18K Palladium White. Are you a
business? If so both H&S and Stuller should open an account for you.
If not try Cookson Gold in the UK, they sell both 18 Kt white, and
Palladium but not alloyed Pd18Kt White. There are a number of on line
and industrial oriented sites but often their metals are sold in
ridiculous pre-cut sizes at ridiculous prices and even then many will
not sell to non-businesses. You can always go to a local independent
jeweller and ask if they would order X for you (if they sell bridal
lines most likely they use Stuller and/or Hoover and Strong).Or get a
tax id number and send in your own application(s) for accounts. in
some states your ssn serves as your tax id number if you are
"investigating the feasibility of opening a business".The only other
option is to create a group buy with a few friends of which one has
a metalsmithing business. I do periodic group buys for students, etc.
it works well for all participants as long as the group sets a
minimum purchase amount of x metal for inclusion in the group… rer

I use 2 14k pw alloys.

One is from AAA Precious Metals in Portland OR.

-It has lower palladium content and seems a bit harder and whiter
than the second alloy. It melts lower as well.

The second alloy comes from David H Fell Co. in CA.

-It has a higher palladium content and is grayer/browner to my eyes.
I describe it as “gunmetal”. It has a higher melting point.

Both seem to torch weld well although I am anxious to try them with
my Orion welder. As with most of my metal, I buy shot and pour up

Hope this helps,

http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep80fb , I’ve had good experiences
withUnited. Another place is GsGold.com is for sale | HugeDomains ,
I’ve heard good things but haven’t ordered from them.

Erik Savoie

18k Palladium white gold is the one alloy that I always make myself.
It melts, rolls out, and works real easy.

My formula is:
75 gold
15 palladium
5 silver
5 copper

Janet in Jerusalem

Thank you very much for your advice everyone.