[Source] 18 KT over sterling silver

Does anyone in Orchid Land know a supplier for 18 Kt. over sterling
silver. I saw it once in a catalogue but I can’t remember the
company name. Also Has anyone worked with it? How durable is the
18kt finish? Would I be able to hammer a texture into it without
coming through to the silver? Thank you much. Vince LaRochelle.
Eugene. OR.

The company that sells 18k/ss is Hauser&Miller Company.
1-800-462-7447. I think it is pretty durable and you would be able to
hammer it. I used some on earrings but I would think the 18k would
wear through if it were used on rings.

Vincent, You can purchase 18K and 22K bimetal at Hauser&Miller
800.462.7447. Unless you are able to solder flawlessly without any
clean-up I would order the 22K instead of the 18K. It is more
expensive but a thicker and deeper layer of gold. Reactive Metals also
carries both but their price is considerably higher.
Stephane in sunny San Francisco

Vince - the gold/silver bi-metal comes from Hauser & Miller, 10950
Lin-Valle Drive, St. Louis, MO 63123 (800/462-7447). It comes in
18K and 22K. I started using the 22K because I don’t think the 18K
is rich enough looking. You can’t use hard solder or too much heat
in soldering as the thin layer of gold will alloy into the silver.
I’ve never textured with a hammer but do with a rolling mill all the
time - it’s beautiful. The bi-metal doesn’t work for everything, but
is great some of the time. Gini

Vincent, Are referring to 18kt and 22kt bi-metal? If so, Hauser Miller
in St. Louis(I think) and Reactive Metals are suppliers of bi-metal.
I have hammered it and have not gone through to the silver back. Some
folks will deliberately scratch through to produce a nice affect and
then oxidize it so the exposed silver turns black. Personally, I like
the color of the 22kt bi-metal. Both metals are durable and you can
polish with rouge , ever so softly. Reactive Metals will supply an
instruction sheet with the metal, to help you. I do know that you
can’t quench it and you are to use easy solder - medium solder to
solder. Any questions contact me.

Vince, I have used what is called bi-metal. It is basically ‘rolled
gold’ of times past. One side is a layer of 18k bonded to a thicker
backing of ster. silver. It comes in many gauges, and I get mine at a
company named Hauser and Miller,1800-642-7447, I just finished a
bangle with bi-metal with a technique from a recent class termed die
forming with a hydraulic press(bonnydoonengineering.com) from owner
and insructor Lee Marshall. The metal was solderd, stretched(useing
the press), hammered,both metal hammer (easy!) and softer hammers.I
haven’t tried textureing much. You have to keep in mind that the
yellow can be’worn’ through when working it. Let me know if I can give
you any mor info. Thomas

18 kt gold fused to sterling silver can be purchased from Hauser and
Miller 10950 Lin-valle Drive, St Louis MO 63123 tel 800 462

I have used it quite a lot …and it will texture beautifully (I’ve
used the rolling mill)…but be careful you don’t let any solder
near the gold surface during subsequent heatings!..

They also sell 22kt over silver and have two choices of thicknesses
of the gold layer but I haven’t tried them yet.

I hope you get to try it

Gini and Vince, The 18k bi metal can be soldered succesfully without
metal alloying together,Thomas,

Thanks for the suggestion on the 22K bimetal, Gini. I’m not loving the 18K/.925. I have definitely had it alloy into the silver when soldering. I have hammered it, but it just doesn’t feel as rich as I’d like and I’m not able to polish the finished piece to my satisfaction for fear of losing more of the gold. I look forward to trying the 22K.