[Source] 18-16g copper or brass sheet stock

Hello, I’m a metalsmith in the boston area. i was wondering if
anyone knew any cheap places to get copper sheet in large dimensions.
to big is not a issue for me but in general i would need pieces about
1 ft by 1 ft for vessel work. i would be looking to either order or
by local depending on which is more affordable. thanks everybody be
well! -David Pogue

have you tried your local hardware store? Many sell sheets of
various gauges of copper, bronze and nickel. Our local Ace
(Baldwin-Taylor Hardware, Jefferson LA) has all sorts of base metal
from sheet to channel in prepacks and loose by the piece. I have
found their prices cheaper than most vendors and since Its local no
shipping on top of the prices. If you can’t find it elsewhere
(Micro-mark, Contenti, Rosenthals, etc.)


Try Metal Source in Woburn. They are a wonderful source for sheet
metal. Ask for Ed. They close for lunch from 12-1.

Best of luck,
Munya Avigail Upin

Hey Dave - try Metalsource, 9 Forbes St, Woburn, MA - they are in
the back of Admiral Metals, where the loading dock is. Also try
Contenti in RI, or Allcraft in NYC. I tend to buy my sheets from
Contenti, and odd lots at Metalsource. You can drive over there and
poke around, and Peter can find you what you need. Metalsource is
also a great resource for thick copper and brass rods, a must if you
are a hardcore metalsmith needing to forge 1/2" or 1" copper bars.
Aluminum and stainless steel is also stocked at Metalsource.


HI David,

The sizes that you are interested in are “scrap” from Admiral Metals
in Woburn, MA. You can call and ask about what you want, and then
pick it up, or have it sent to you. Since you are local, you can
also go and browse the shelves. This “scrap metal” sales area is

Metals Source
11 Forbes Rd, Woburn, MA 01801

Cynthia Eid

Just a thought- If you are looking for good quality Cu sheet- try
looking into Coper gutter manufacurers in your area- I was able to
purchase a 100 foot roll of 14 inch wide 16 gauge for weight plus a
cutting fee- very reasonable and good quality- The shop allowed me
to put up a display as our relationship grew. and occasionally I get
to make accent pieces on custom jobs or decoratives for the
homeowners (Out of their scrap!)

It has advantages:
1- already annealed
2- wider than 12 inches so you can do ALOT more
3- surface is rolled/smooth
4- available in many historical areas

Try Indian Jewelers Supply Loading...

In an old catalog, they have brass sheet down to 14 gauge, copper
down to 12.

Judy Bjorkman