[Source] 14kw Chains

I am asking if someone knows of a company that has a selection of
white chain. A wholesale supplier like Rio or Hoover& Strong . I only
need a small amount for one project . I thought I’d save myself the
trouble of poking around blind, and ask here .


Hi Dar,

Hoover & Strong has a small selection of 14k White gold chains.

Eugene C. Gentile (Gino)
National Accounts Manager
Hoover & Strong, Inc.
Fax: 609-936-1838


Try Leslie’s (Greenwich, CT 800-221-2628): they have a good
selection of 14K white chain, and a lifetime guarantee for the
customer. Herco (San Francisco) and Stuller have them too.

Cindy Crounse
Refined Designs

Hi Dar,

When I posted before, I forgot about one of the best sources I know
of 14 KW chain: Herco in San Francisco. And they have a great
catalog. Call (415) 543-1580.