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[Source] 14K Rose gold bead chain

I have a customer that is looking for a specific chain. I didn’t
think it would be a problem but; Stuller doesn’t have it; Rio, same;
Hoover and Strong, same; Fire mountain, same; chain by the inch,
chain by the foot, same; same… All I need is a 1mm 14K ROSE gold
bead (ball) chain that is 24 inches long. Found some in Italy, $500
minimum. Found some in Israel 100 FOOT minimum. If someone knows
where I can find this chain please let me know, if some one has the
chain and the ends, I can make it. I just don’t like the idea of
trying to solder two chains together, at least not a bead chain.


Try Down East Trading, they are out of Vermont for your Rose Gold
Beaded Chain.

For Tom – you might check these people out…at least they advertise
what you say you want for your customer.

Tom- Try Herco Chain co,

Jo Haemer

Hi Tom, not sure if Herco has that particular chain, but they have a
lot of rose gold chain in both 18k, and 14k. I believe their last
catalog might have had the very thing. Just guessing, and my catalog
is at the shop, try google for the 800#. Thomas III

Tom, try CGM findings first - recently they’ve advertised pink gold,
next D.H.Fell ( W. coast), then Metalliferrous ( E. Coast)…if they
don’t have it getting some bead chain plated ( then it would be
vermeil or gold d’ore) may be your only option if you have promised
a specific style and if you don’t want to have the client choose
another chain…Lesson here- don’t take an order for a custom job
you either can’t fabricate yourself or readily purchase ! But…

As for minimums- that sounds insane: I have never dealt with a vendor
that has a minimum in feet if they deal with independent jewelers on
a wholesale basis.Something standard like a 22 inch or longer length
of chain would presumably meet anyone’s small order or gold quantity
as well as order minimum…Sounds like the Israeli company as well as
the Itallians saw you coming so to speak…Always ask first if there
is a gold minimum order in pennyweights if it is someone you have
never dealt with and can you open a net 30 account- if they say no,
chances are they are retailers dealing with mall type kiosks that
sell chain by the foot… Another thing the chain ends for ball type
chain are quite simple to make using 24-26 g. sheet, a mandrel and a
diamond shaping bur to remove the small bit of metal in the center if
you want the traditional look.Once you have rolled the metal around
the mandrel slightly smaller than the diameter of the beads, you can
use a dapping block ( a wood block preferably for something as small
and crushable as a connector;even though it will potentially be 14 closing two ends to the size necessary to work for the small
wire between the beads can be disastrous if you use a heavily
weighted hammer or mallet. Pliers that make a rounded crimp may come
in handy, or something like a pair of coated pearl tweezers, that way
you could put the rolled and pre-shaped piece of metal in the
tweezers, tape them tightly closed with gaffing tape and tap the ends
with a 4-6 oz. hammer,then gently tap them doing each side once then
turning until it is the size you need, finish and polish to match the
bead chain…Seems like a lot of work, and potentially missing your
promise date to the client! CGM may be your best bet for solid gold
bead chain- otherwise you may have to learn an expensive lesson
buying 100 feet or more then reselling it on an auction site or
something similar! Easier to make ball and loop chain ( sometimes
called ball and link chain) yourself from pink or rose and casting
grain.You should be able to find the pattern in many books as its a
very basic style of handmade chain. I know the style is in the
Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight, and a few of Elizabeth Olver’s
books as well as older and out of print jewelry making books
available at many libraries ( often as an interlibrary loan) of which
reprints are available from Dover books…good luck…rer

Dear Tom & All, OK, it’s found–at least in the catalogue… Please
check out Herco in San Francisco, CA They have 1.2mm 14k rose
gold/pink chain at 24’. Their website is:

1-800-864-0767. You can say we recommended you and they are a
wholesale dealer…

Good luck!!
Jo-Ann Maggiora



I know they have beaded rose gold plated, so check with them. They
have no mins. and all prices are wholesale. The chains are Italian
(sterling anyway) and I have been happy with price and quality. No
affiliation just a happy customer. Call the number and talk with
them, they have always been knowledgeable and helpful. Good luck.

Kay Cummins

myron toback new york city