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Sorting saw blades


I bought one of those beautiful round wood things to hold my saw
blades. Today, it jumped off my bench and every blade spilled on the
floor. Ihave sorted the blades visually using my visor, but am
convinced I made many mistakes and I’ve lost track of sizes. Does
anyone have a suggestion how to size them accurately?

Nothing came up when I tried finding it in the archives here.

Dick Stromberg


Hi Dick,

Use a vernier caliper to sort the blades you’re not sure of.

Kindest regards Charles A.



I keep my saw blades in the original packets. I put a few of the
most used ones 2/0 on the bench.

There was a post about this lay them on a sheet of paper and photo
copy them with the resolution up.



Having had a similar experience, I now keep my saw blades in short
sections of PVC pipe with pipe caps on both ends. I mark the size on
the side of the pipe with a sharpie. Seems to work. If you follow my
posts at all, you will see that there is a PVC theme to my shop.

Rob Meixner


Only have 2 sizes. A thin one and a thicker one. How about a mm

They will all be a little different width. Measure across several
teeth at a time.


I was taught to “paint” one side of each type of solder sheet a
different color with Sharpie marker. Makes it easy to identify even
the tiniest solder snips - in my case if one side is black, I know
it is 14kt white hard solder. Might be useful to incorporate this
idea into the saw blade size challenge. When they arrive just mark a
small portion of one end of the bundle a designated color based on

Too last this time, but maybe it would be helpful in case of future
mishaps. These types of things happen to all of us.

Good luck,
Donna W
Huntsville, AL


Hello Donna & Orchidland,

May I add that it is a REALLY good idea to color BOTH sides of the
solder/saw blades. Picture having to turn over half of
scattered/mixed snippets to determine identity. can you say
time-consuming and frustrating??? Judy in Kansas, where today is a
real breath of spring that is sure to melt the remaining snow.
except for those 20 ft. high piles in parking lots!