Something to stop pendant from flipping over?

Hi there, just wondering if people have any suggestions on how I
could build a necklace better: I set a large, square-ish stone (ie.
1.5" x 1.5") in a bezel, with a solid backplate. I wanted to make it
into a toggle closure, so I soldered a large, round wire to the
back/top of the pendant, andattached a chain it (with a tempered
round jump ring, soldered such). On the other end of the length of
chain is the handmade toggle bar. Much to my annoyance, the pendant
seems to flip over easily, when I am wearing it. I have tried
hanging the pendant, allowing it to twist until it comes to a stop,
but my movement when wearing it is still allowing it to flip over

Is this a balance/weight issue in the design?

Or, something to do with the jump ring’s shape/style (attaches
theround toggle clasp to the chain) that is allowing too much
movement, but then again, the jump ring isn’t really acting like a

Many thanks in advance for your help! So far, I’ve had very nice
comments fromfriends re. the lovely patterned silver pendant that I
am wearing (which is, in fact, the back of the focal)…

Cheers Ros

just wondering if people have any suggestions on how I could build
a necklace better: 

A photo of the piece would be helpful.

Lisa, (pad poured. Studio cleared out. Studio expansion begins on
Monday) Topanga, CA USA

Would 2 rings for the chain to pass thru, on a horizontal line on
the back of the pendant work, rather than one as I assume you
currently have, stop the flippinge

john dach

Sometimes that problem is resolved by just adding an extra jumpring
to the Toggle side and the Bar side. Then they both lay flat.

Tucson, AZ

Have you tried an oval shaped jump ring?

Dave Leininger
The Swanky Stone

Have you tried an oval shaped jump ring? 

Hi Dave, I haven’t tried oval yet and was thinking perhaps figure

Hi Janice, do you mean doubling up the jump ring or rather adding
them as an additional link?

Hi there!

I had to find and then bond with a free FTP software before loading
this photo of the ‘flipping pendant’. I wore it again today and it
flipped happily, repeatedly…

You can see from the photo that the toggle ‘hoop’ is attached to the
pendant (soldered onto the back) and to the chain (by a single jump
ring). The pendant is quite heavy.

I wonder if having a separate toggle hoop, from which the pendant
itself dangles (with two jump rings), would stop the flipping? I
adore front and side closures…


It would seem that it would hang better if the toggle bar would move
to the top of the hoop.


Roz - its pretty simple to see why the pendant flips over. The
location of the attachments at the top of the circle bail are uneven.

Currently you have the small chain attachment, the toggle attachment
pushing the pendant in the direction of the small chain and then two
more pressures from the toggle. It will flip toward the side with the
small chain.

What’s happening now can be easily seen by hanging your current
assembly around your neck, then leaning forward so the pendant
doesn’t touch your body. It will find its balance somewhere other
than flat.

This is basic physics - if you push from one side and pull from
another, you will get rotation.

If you were to remove the small chain from the bail and then attach
a circle bail to the chain, with the toggle going thru the chain bail
and then thru the pendant bail, the toggle would rest evenly. A
simpler solution would be to make a single point of attachment to a
chain. You need balance.


Very attractive concept, Ros! I’m hoping the Orchid family can help
solve this problem for you, as I’d love to attempt a similar
clasp-pendant formy own pieces. Looking at the attachments, I’m
wondering in which direction the pendant tends to flip. Is it in he
direction of the toggle? That is, to the left? Seems that would be
due to the weight of the toggle bar, at which point, the trick would
be to counteract this weight by the changing the placement of the
attachments, somehow. Exactly how, I will leave to others on this
list better trained to provide that insight.

Looking forward to hearing how this issue is resolved for you.

Linda in central FL