Some thoughts about artists

Hello all:

someone wrote,

    There are painters out there who reproduce works of the
masters, they are capable of  capturing the most minute nuance
of the original painting. Would you call them Artists?  I
would'nt. I don't think most people would either. 

I, for one, would call them artists. Anyone who creates a
painting or a piece of jewelry is just as much an artist as the
person they copied. Maybe not as good an artist,maybe not as
creative an artist,but still an artist. When we sit down and
create a piece, what are we doing? We are drawing upon all that
we admire.We design jewelery with big lines or small swirls or
whatever ,because we like that kind. It is not because we got up
one morning, and before anyone else had a chance,we
thought,Hey!!!,what if I made a thing that fit on my finger. We
all act like, create like, even talk like those we admire. So
whether you think so or not, your one of a kind piece is really
a collection of many techniques that you have learned along the
way,From other people. I’ll admit that I am a compilation of all
that I could and would learn and I have a desire to learn more.
The designs I do today are different than those I will do
tomorrow,and I can count on the fact that if I like what you
design, I will mimic it. Not because I am a thief of ideas, but
that I am an artist just like you.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

I agree with you 100%. Nothing is really ever new, or rather is
inspired by something somewhere.

Show me anything at all, and I’ll bet that a similar, like, or
exact item can be found in some history book, fossil, etc

Those are the thoughts of many of us staving to create in just a
different manner a thing of beauty that someone will admire and
hopefully buy so we can live. I’m also a compilation of all
that I have seen and all that I see with a twist that just might
be me speaking from the soul. I think unless we are board then
we will evolve and make jewelry that will be different in the
future depending on our emotion, all of our senses, and what
other before us have done. This twist or that curve may be the
spark that ignites the imagination. for all artists no matter
what level, Ron http:\