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Some questions lately about how to post to Orchid via email etc


I too have been sad to see many less of the regulars that were always
sharing info and ideas on the last
style of Orchid.
A simple thing like a place to click, ¨reply to site/all ¨ or ¨ reply
to sender ¨, would make it so much easier and might bring back people who
seem to have given up and left.
I know things change but I wonder some times about the old adage…if it
isn’t broken, don´t fix it…
In the past almost all questions got many answers but now very few or
sometimes no answers. Things have changed…sadly.
I too am thinking this isn’t what I enjoyed for so many years and maybe
time to just quit.


Hi @makena, Are you still receiving the daily digest? It looks like you should be based on your settings.


This post is NOT to any specific poster or thread entry. I’ve gone back and re-read at least twice this topic.
I took the time months ago to examine every category and thread.
I read / open the “latest” every day at most every other day.
I have made several posts to threads which post to all.
I’ve made private comments to more than I have the general.
I do all my perusing on a 6 year old iPad on a 100 mps wireless home network and have never had to wait for either text or images.
I have never spent more than 1/2 hour per day and generally learn something new every week.

I really fail to understand the dissatisfaction being expressed. I don’t see any empirical evidence that there is a groundswell of unhappiness and people leaving the forum rather I do see a few valuable individuals who are experiencing some steep learning curves. I would HATE to see them leave because it would punish me and others like me that get an enormous benefit.

I must admit I’m a computer geek and would love to try and replicate the stated issues using your methods and assist in finding solutions through change.

I will admit that some of the threads do go astray which frustrates me sometimes. However that’s more of a personality / ego issue with some. Human nature and world hunger are outside of my purview but willingness to help get over technology humps is something I’m willing to contribute to working on.

Don’t give up on helping us with your expert opinions/advice and we will will return the contribution with our expertise
Regards RLW


I’m still getting emails in both my personal and my promotions gmail acct.
I think I signed up for the daily digest and am still figuring out how to
use it.


Yes, no problem receiving the digests. The issues I have are (1) can’t quickly respond to a thread or an individual without going online and (2) hunting for threads and messages when the digest only contains part of the thread. I use an elderly computer with an outdated graphics card (images slow to load) plus I have a slow internet connection, so if there was a way to just view an entire thread in plain text view and load images on demand, that would be my ideal. As a former techie I’ve been on newsgroups and forums since CompuServe back in the early 90’s, so I’ve seen a lot of UI’s come and go. I prefer the newsgroup model where you can use an offline reader to download threads and messages as plain text and read them offline in threaded view. That also makes it easy to incorporate threads and messages into an offline searchable database even if that “database” is only a plain .txt file.


I’m not going anywhere, no worries! I’m very grateful to to all the people such as yourself who share a lifetime’s knowledge here, and wish I had more to contribute myself! Happy new year!


Hi @jhaemer52, I’m going to send you an email right now from to clear up your Orchid email questions.