Some equipment/tools for sale

Hello Orchid community!
I have a few tools/equipment + books for sale if anyone is interested.


  • Paragon Kiln Xpress E-12T W/ Sentinel SmartTouch Controller and Metal Grate
  • 60 CU/FT Steel Oxygen Cylinder - Brand New Tank from AIRGAS, Full Tank UN1072 Compressed Oxygen
  • Bill Fretz Tool Set (#4)
  • Grobet Wax Needle File Set
  • Graverhone Complete GRS Apex Sharpening System
  • Foredom Dual Handpiece Micromotor System
  • GRS GlenSteel Square Graver x4
  • Traditional QC Tool Holder - 10 Pack
  • Easy Step by Step Graver Sharpening DVD
  • Advanced Drawing of Scrolls by Ron Smith
  • Basic Engraving by Benno L. Heune

I have attached a pdf that lists the price, details, and a picture of each item:
For Sale WKln.pdf (312.3 KB)

Located in Chino, California. Large items (Kiln and O2 tank) are local pickup only, but willing to ship the smaller items.
Thanks for your time!

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