Solvent for Resin

Hello there

I have recently started to make some Sterling and Resin pieces, that
basically involve a holow silver shape filled with clear resin. Now
I didn’t like the color of some of the pieces and am wondering how
to best get rid of the resin short of taking my torch outside and
smoking the whole lot off!! I tried nail varnish remover and aceton,
both of which only seemed to scrape the surface. The layer of resin
is about a half an inch thick.

Any suggestions???
Many thanks, Katja

Soak it in a closed container in Attack, a nasty and dangerous
product that dissolves epoxy.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
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Katja- From my previous experience working for a resin artist, she
soaked it in acetone overnight, maybe longer than over night, but
over time the acetone will eat at the resin and eventually eat at
the sides and bottom enough that you can pick out the resin chunks.

Good luck!

Two part epoxy resin can also be burned out. It’s messy and kind of
nasty, but with good ventilation, it’s fine. Epoxy burns at a low
temperature. I use a special piece of firebrick for just this
application and isolate it from my others. Burn it until it becomes
an ash and then clean it up. I have had no problems reusing one of
my pieces, even when soldered together. Just watch your temp


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