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Dear All, We are currently offering a lease program for jewelers to
get involved in the realms of 3D design utilizing the #1 Parasolid
Modeling Program known as Solidworks. We offer the software and in
turn will provide all machining from your data in the form of CNC or
the Sanders. We can provide metal molds for plastic injection or
direct die casting, stamping dies or physical models.

The promotion is offered as a 3 year contract with a penny buy out
with no money down and no payments for 30 days. This includes a seat
of Solidworks and a 1 year subscription service and all upgrades.

The price is a low $180.80 per month for 36 months. At this price
there is no excuse to not get involved because of cost, we are
delivering a state of the art solution to anyone that has the
inclination that this is the way of the future whether we like it or
not. Subject to credit approval.

Kindly reply off list if you have an interest or give me a call.

Best Regards.
Neil George.