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Solid gold beads

I am trying to find someone who has approx 4mm round gold beads that
are either solid all the way through or at leat much heavier than
add-a-beads and earrings. The application that I am currently using
ball earrings for is proving to be somewhat of an execise in futility
due to their somewhat fragile nature, they dent way too easy!
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, A.J.

Hoover & Strong has solid gold beads in their catalog in the body
jewelry section. 800-759-9997. James Murphy beads is a manufacturer of
beads and I’ve found their (hollow) gold beads much thicker than
others. You can reach them @508-761-5060. Leda

…Not sure what application you are using your beads for, but there
are heavy walled beads out there that resist denting in normal
jewelry wear and tear… …or you can go the not quite sphereical
route and produce granulation and drill tho it will be hard to produce
exact sizes and drilling will be a pain… …or an old technique for
propping up thin walls is to fill a thin walled bead with wax…better
but not best… …Look in Stulller findings, or even Rio Grande,
both carry heavy walled 14ky gold beads and they might work…
…and finally I have found some wonderful, very heavy brass
beads…but that’s another metal entirely… …Goodluck, Gianna
in Ventura, CA where fall has high storm clouds but no rain…

Two more sources for heavier walled gold beads aRe: Ross Metals in NY
1-800-654-ROSS The Bead Warehouse in Silver Spring, MD 1-301-565-0487