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Soldering with mapgas

Can u solder with mapgas and where do u find a small torch head for canister

Yes, you can. I use Map/Pro gas all the time (I don’t think the original MAPP gas is available anymore).

Get yourself a Smith Little torch, or something similar.

Thank u
Can I attach the smith directly to map

If you look at the kit shown in the Cyberweld link, you’ll see two regulators, red and green. Those attach to the fuel and oxygen bottles, and to the torch hoses. It’s recommended to add flashback arrestors in between as well.

Toooooo scary guess I won’t b using one
No one to actually help me set it up n my home garage
Thank you

Easy to set up. Just read the instructions and screw in the propane or mapp gas to the appropriate hose and the propane tank to the other hose. Everything else is just getting used to adjusting the oxygen and gas to create the type of flaw you want.

So it’s ok to but the small containers at Home Depot?

I hope someone noticed that the Mappgas gets hooked up and the other connection is for oxygen, not propane!

I use a Smith Little Torch from Rio Grande that is set-up to be used with the small gas canisters from the hardware store. It’s my first “real” torch and I wasn’t sure I wanted the big tanks. It’s worked great for me!

Here’s the link: