Soldering with amber attached?

My mum wants me to do something interesting to a piece of drilled
amber. I would like to attach it horizontally ( it is top drilled,
unfortunately) to piece of Argentium sheet, feeding a piece of wire
thru the hole and then soldering the wire ends together on the back
of the sheet. Thoughts on what would happen if I tried to solder
with the amber chunk face down in water? By interesting, I’m sure
that she doesn’t mean melting the amber. Or is heat anywhere near it
just a really bad idea


Hello Roz, Heating amber is a really bad idea. You’ll have to figure
out an other way to hold it.

Have fun.
Tom Arnold

is a rivet possible instead of soldering?


A VERY BAD IDEA! Amber is not a mineral and cannot tolerate heat.
Indeed there are many stones you cannot heat, opals, emeralds. Always
check. Dont put amber in the ultrasonic either.

David Cruickshank