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Soldering to coins


     I've been asked to solder sterling cufflink findings to some
foreign coins. These coins were minted... 

I have done it a lot and never had any problem. Any of the coins I
have soldered had a melting point way higher that silver so I
normally use hard silver solder for the job. So just go ahead. Happy

Kind regards
Niels L=F8vschal, Rutsker, Denmark
phone (+45) 56 94 90 60

Just remember that if you solder to a coin it looses all of its
numismatic value maybe you should suggest another kind of setting,
but if that=B4s not important I can say that coin bracelets are, one
of my favorite things, most of the time they carry lots of things to
remember with them Julieta Odio Bernardi Metalsmith