Soldering tips for a three bezel ring

Does anyone have any tips for a three bezel ring, set into a wide
shank? Do you prefer to solder the side bezels to the shank first,
and then solder the center bezel last? Or, create a three-bezel
gallery, and sink that into the shank? Any tips would be appreciated.

Hi Christin

I make the gallery and solder into band. I like to solder.5 mm square
wire between bezels as it gives me space to push bezel down. Keep the
solder joins to the outside.

Hard solder bezels with solder on pick, solder in seat with hard
solder with piece of solder 25 to 50 degrees melt point lower than if
balled up on pick. Hard solder bezel gallery together with pieces of
hard solder.

Solder gallery into band with easy.

In a blinding flash of honesty or too much wine, LOL, your would get
better advice from a Leonid or a Charles.

But this works for me. You have to be very careful with sterling as
to not create firescale.

I prefer to do this in 18 kt as there are 11 solder joins, and this
makes for firescale in sterling.

Good luck Christin these rings are really fiddly.