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Soldering surgical steel posts to gold


Problem soldering surgical steel posts to gold: Hi Orchid readers: A
client has asked me to create gold hoop earrings with surgical steel
(stainless steel?) findings. She is allergic to gold. Can this be
done? Which solder do you use? Or is there another solution? Many
thanks from June


June, If you have access to a "Sparkie " Midget Welder, it works very
well. You can use surgical steel posts on gold. Another advantage is
that you can do all of your finishing before attching the posts.

Joel Schwalb


You can solder stainless steel to gold using gold or silver solder.
I would recommend using gold easy solder or medium silver solder.
Use black flux designed for silver soldering stainless steel (you
can get it at the local welding supplier) be careful not to overheat
the stainless or it will oxidize and the solder will not stick. Also
be careful of the fumes from the flux. With a little practice you
should not have any problems. Frank Goss