Soldering sterling silver findings to stainless steel

Hello, everyone - thought I’d try again…. I have soldered a thin (1 mm) stainless steel, snake style, necklace to sterling silver jump rings. The chain holds Miyuki beads as well as enameled components. The join seems to hold but I’m concerned about it’s longevity (based on some google searches). Does anyone have experience with this that they can share? Thanks!

I’ve only welded stainless. I believe stainless lose its stainless properties if it’s over heated. I’m guessing if that happens, the heated area might start to rust.

Use citric acid to remove the layer of iron.

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HI Karen,
I am working with some Damascus steel. I am using CAD free 50%AG and 2% Ni solder from Stan Rubinstein in Foxborough MA. Should address the issues that you are experiencing. =)