Soldering stainless

hello all, anyone have any experience in soldering stainless steal.
i’ve experimented with many types of solder from sliver to yellow
gold and white gold ( many types of each). none of these seem to
work well enough. im sure i could research this, but its easier and
more fun to ask the ppl in this forum.

Gary Roe

You need a special flux called “black flux” . You get it at a
welding supply store. The chromium content in stainless steel
oxidizes rapidly and prevents solder flow. The black flux reduces
chromium oxide formation and allows almost any of the common solders
to be used on stainless.


Soldering Stainless steel? You can solder stainless with silver or
gold colder and you can solder stainless to gold or silver, the
trick is you need the right flux. I have a small container of flux
that works great with stainless. Unfortunately I’m at home and it’s
at work. If I remember I’ll write down the name and address of the
supplier and post it tonight or tomorrow morning. When I tried to
purchase it from the manufacturer, they wanted about $90.00 for the
flux (I think is was 1 gal container) and about $90.00 for shipping,
because it’s a hazardous material. This amount of flux would last
me 10 live times. If there are folks out there that would want
some, maybe we could split the cost and the material. I’ll be back
with what and where to purchase it from. Jon D.

thank you to all who responded to my question “how to solder
stainless to stainless” the Black Brazing Fux. it work like a
charm. i hope to return the gesture. some of you who responded
added that it was hard to find black flux in small quantities and is
quite expensive. i found a supplies who sells it in 1lbs pre-mixed
jars for only thirteen dollars. here is the info, i hope you can use
it. Stay-Silv Black Hi-Temp Brazing flux made by : J.W. Harris Manson
45040. USA i bought it @ Advantage Gases&Tools