Soldering stainless steel jump rings


I am new at this “asking a question in this forum” , please bear with me if I do anything wrong. Thanks!

My question is what is the best way to solder stainless steel and can it be done with a propane torch? I have a new design and need to solder jump rings and blank stock all in using stainless steel.



Laser machine and PUK works well for staineless steel jump ring.

Thank you for your suggestion, unfortunately I have access to only a propane torch.



Please have a look on other threads about stainless steel soldering in the forum. Some members have good advice for the right flux and solder for it. Cheers.

Yes, the short answer.
It has been a long time, since I began laser welding I have not done it in over 30 years.
You need a Flux designed for soldering stainless. , and a quick Google search shows several availbe for this.

About 30 years ago or so my wife had a stainless steel bracelet where the jump ring wore through and needed to be replaced. Being a fixer and a maker, I thought I could easily fix the problem by silver soldering a new stainless steel (SS) jump ring. I had a heck of a time, so I looked for an approachable welding class in the area. I had no luck there, but found that a community college had jewelry classes, so I enrolled and the rest is history. Been making jewelry ever since.
Back to your question about soldering jump rings. I found that I was able to easily hard solder SS jump rings with standard silver solder flux (the kind with the nasty fluorides). The hard part is the torch. I think the only thing I had back then was a Radio Shack Archer microflame mini-torch (like this Quick-ish Fix: Microflame Torch - YouTube or this Vintage Microflame Gas Welding Torch Kit in Original Hard Shell Box NOS #4400 | #1849948245). I do not recommend this torch! Gas was super expensive. I also did a few with a Blazer butane torch. Nowadays I just use a PUK or ABI Tack welder. The trick to learning to weld/solder is just to try and fail many times until you get it right. SS jump rings are cheap. I respect the replies that recommend a specific SS flux, I assume that that works much better.

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When I’m soldering anything difficult, I do it on a charcoal block, it creates a small reducing atmosphere around the piece. I’ve not soldered stainless steel all that much, but I’d bet certain alloys of stainless steel take solder better than others. A propane torch could work, depending upon the thickness of the stainless you’re trying to solder, I don’t find the fuel of the heat source to be all that important That being said, I use oxy/acetylene, which has a high flame temp, for sizing quickly, it’s dirty though.