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Soldering silver to nickel silver

How do I solder silver to nickel silver without damaging the nickel
silver? All I get is mess on the nickel silver. I was trying to make
a belt buckle, and used the nickel silver for the strength. Thanks,
Old Uncle Milty

You didn’t describe the mess that you get when soldering silver to
nickel. Nickel turns dark when soldered even by itself and can be
hard to polish. Is something melting or is solder not melting?

Marilyn Smith

A couple of ideas. The first is sweat soldering. Melt the solder
onto the back of the silver first, then place on the nickel silver
and heat until the solder flows.

2nd idea- I still wear one of the first belt buckles I ever made. It
is a desert scene composed of bent sterling wires on a nickel silver
buckle blank. Because of the difference in melting points, I was
able to fuse the silver to the nickel silver.

Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry