Soldering silver to gold

We do a lot of soldering of silver pieces to gold pieces, and I
wanted to see if anyone has any tips or suggestions. We blacked the
Silver so there is a nice contrast between the blackened silver and
gold. Are there any tips to keep it clean and make the connection as
smooth as possible so there is a sharp line from blackened silver to
yellow gold.


Yes. blacken after you finish soldering not before. use a good flux
and solder from behind the setting to keep the solder joint clean
and neat. Use a good flux…

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

I saw the original question posted the other day about how to have a
clean solder line between the gold and silver when you solder them

Perhaps the answers were all sent privately or I missed them. I also
tried doing an archive search but didn’t find it.

Anyways, what was the consensus on keeping a clean line?

I know that yellow ochre or the eco friendly correction fluid can be
brushed on things to stop solder from flowing over what you don’t

Are most people just brushing this on this seems to be enough to
keep a straight line? Another way for me to ask, does the yello ochre
bubble less or the correction fluid bubble less or otherwise stay in
the straight brush line that you lay on?

I’m curious what works best for people.

As always, many thanks to everyone!

Rick Powell


guess whose mum invented whiteout, Mike Nesmith from the Monkees.

it does work as a stop out. but there are 2 types only use the water
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