Soldering silver to Aluminum

I sent this last week but it must have become lost in cyberspace. I
have a project of building floral engraved sterling silver handles
with 14K letters for five knives made by Browning. The handles
roughly measure 4 1/4" x 1" and are attached with Torx screws on the
perimeter of the handles. One side has a slight recess for the blade
release which can easily be milled out in silver. The other side has
a large shaped area with about 1/8" recess that holds a simple spring
which assists the blade in opening. The questions pertain to this
side of the handle.

My first thought was to make the handle out of sterling and mill out
the recessed area but I question if the spring would wear well
against the silver - probably not. The second thought was to mill
down Browning’s aluminum handle, and solder the recessed area to
sterling. The problem here is that I have never soldered sterling to
aluminum and would like to know if it will work and what are the
pitfalls. My last thought was to make the recessed area out of nickel
silver and solder it to sterling. I’ve done this before. Thanks for
any input,

Dick Sherer

I don’t think you can really weld aluminum to silver, I may be
wrong, but I know that you can’t “braze” or weld aluminum to
anything except aluminum.