Soldering palladium to nickel white gold

Hi folks. Has anyone here any experience with any palladium 14k or
other white being welded soldered to a 14k nickel white gold? Is it
even possible? Or even 950 palladium soldered to a nickel white. I
was thinking of running some experiments but thought of the great
list… and perhaps I won’t have to scrap out a bunch of metal
initially as the wheel might already be invented. Most likely. A
search online comes up with many articles, most of them older… and
none addresses this specifically (that I came across)

I’m wondering if the dissimilar metals will weld together, about the
strength of the weld, colors, contamination, discoloration. pickling
afterward, anything and everything! thanks.


Hello Johnny,

Based on your post it hard to understand what you are trying to do.
Are youtrying to weld palladium to white gold, or palladium to
nickel, or nickel to white gold. Or are you using palladium solder
to weld white metal. What ever you are trying to I believe I can
help you by using our fusion welding technology because we have
welded different combinations of metal, for instance stainless steel
to silver, stainless steel to both white andyellow gold, titanium to
both white and yellow gold, platinum to copper and to gold, pewter
to pewted, lead to silver and etc.

I believe the dissimilar metels will fuse together. As far as
contamination goes fusing them together will not create any at all
and the weld will bestrong so there will be no discoloration and no
need to pickle. Contact me if you are interested if you would like
us to try this, I will do this for no cost just as an experiment
just to showcase this new technology. Terry R. Reichert

I guess the question I usually ask myself is why would it NOT work?

Since standard white golds are either nickel white gold or palladium
white gold, I would be surprised if you could not solder palladium
to nickel white gold. Is there any reason you do not want to use
palladium white gold for the gold part? It’s MUCH easier to work
with (vis–vis staining)!

Janet in Jerusalem

Why would it not work?..well for one, typical gold alloys like a
reduction or neutral atmosphere for clean welding. And a palladium
alloy might need an oxidizing flame for the best weld. Maybe. Thats
why I ask the question.

Thanks for the replies and offers to tackle this for me with a laser.
but I have no problem, just thoughts about a future project and how
to advance my progress as a metalworker. I guess what I am really
looking for is on the technical side of a palladium gold based weld
of dissimilar metal alloys. I can of course do the needed experiments
and run my own tests but was hoping the info in laymans terms was
easy to find and out there already. The proverbial needle.

Can the metal marry consistently, without porosity problems, and have
reasonably good strength to undergo say. some stressful compression
and stretching/bending ? I have welded palladium white gold to yellow
golds many times but never to nickel gold that I remember… and
never where there would be a great deal of stress… and although
I’ve had palladium in my drawer for 14 years, I haven’t done much
with pure or close to it, palladium. I’m approaching old age now and
a lot of my memory is becoming subtle… So when the thought came to
me wondering about the stress, malleability, strength of these
dissimilar white metal welds I realized I don’t know very much about

Perhaps re tipping white nickel gold might be better done with a
palladium white. but I read online (which may or may not be good
I personally take most of the web with a grain) that
often a palladium gold joined to another alloy will discolor at the
join as time goes on… I don’t know.

Is the weld though it looks/appears sound, is it really rock solid
and can it take the abuse (sometimes) of having stress put on it?
Most of the time when I marry the two different metals I get in and
out with a hot neutral flame so as not to stay in a eutectic zone and
ruin the piece(s) Is this true for palladium and nickel? ? Do I need
to be concerned about that? Don’t know. Never tried to let it melt
down so I don’t know. So with some time on my hands last week I
started to think about experimenting. thats how these thoughts came
to the list.

And then there is the question of casting 14k palladium white. my
refiner doesn’t have that last I talked to them…such
as casting temps and in regular investment vs a higher temp platinum
investment flask. Do we need the denser higher temp platinum
investment to cast 14k or 18k palladium white golds?



My question was not meant to be snarky and I am sorry if you read it
as such. “Why not” is the first question that I ask myself when
dealing with a new situation. Simple.

I have tried torch welding or fusing a variety of metals together
with, of course, varying results… I have found that, in my
studio, sometimes I just have to try it…

Take care,

No problem Andy. your words were right on the money… of course…
experimentation is something I love to do also. Seems thats where
growth and artistry live.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound rude or “snarky” either. heh heh heh. I
will tackle some of these questions as soon as my time permits.