Soldering Gold to Titanium?

Hi all,

I’ve not worked with titanium, therefore I’m wondering if gold can
be soldered to it?

I have a request for a titanium wedding band with gold accents and
am looking for some advice, and a source for titanium wire and sheet.

Also how is titanium joined or soldered to itself?



I did extensive studies as a graduate student with brazing alloys for
titanium. These are silver compounds, generally pure silver to the
various forms of commercially-available silver solders. Silver solder
will bond well with both gold and titanium, but titanium oxidizes so
easily, especially when heated, that you must use a shielding gas
such as argon when doing the brazing.


I've not worked with titanium, therefore I'm wondering if gold can
be soldered to it? 

Hi David, the Puk welder will do this, I haven’t bought one yet, but
have been thinking about it because of this ability. It uses argon
gas and from what I understand, it is like a mini TIG welder. The
other alternative is to design the band so that the titanium is held
in place by the gold, and either rivet it or solder the gold

cheers, Christine in Sth Australia

David, The industry welds titanium all the time. It requires inert
atmospheres or vacuum. You can laser weld in a argon shield. You can
use traditional techniques that are mechanical in nature. Here is a
link to a basic article:

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