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Soldering Gold-Filled Jumprings

Can one successfully solder gold-filled jumprings? I have been
unsuccessful with my attempts because the torch bring up bits of the
base metal turning the whole thing greenish. If it can be done
please share any advice you may have. I have seen soldered closed
jumpring in Rio catalogs - perhaps these were done with that
electric thing-a-majig/jumpring closer instead of a regular torch?

Thanks in advance!

I solder 16g 1/2 round using quick heat directed alongside the joint
rather than directly on the metal. The half round is 14/20 Kt G/F and
I place a snippet of 14KY gold medium solder just under the joint.
You might need to experiment to determine the right size of
flame, the grade and how much solder to use.

HTH Pam Chott Song of the Phoenix