[Soldering] Gases

I was the T.A. in a bronze sculpture class at Sonoma State when
the Loma Prieta eathquake hit the S.F. area in 1989. Everyone
else ran out of the room, and I had to go around and shut all the
acetylene and oxygen tanks down and get everything chained up as
this building was rolling like it was on the high seas. (This was
the quake where the Bay Bridge collapsed, remember?) Talk about
nervous! Now I overkill-chain my tanks to the wall; the chain is
connected with dog-leash type swivel-snap connectors to huge
eye-screws sunk into the studs. I think this is better than
chaining to a table or loose bench that could bounce around in a
big one. My propane tank is very squat and probably wouldn’t tip
over, but I bought a rubber holder for it anyway.

Rene Roberts