Soldering Copper or Brass?

Is there copper or brass solder so we can solder without leaving
silver solder lines in our work? I saw a very neat little brass
choker that looked to be soldered, or perhaps welded. How would you
do such a thing? Thanks for the help, Stacey…

There is a low melt copper paste solder available, although I have
never used it so I don’t know how well it works There is also brass
solder available. The place I used to work carried it in sheet form.
I think it has a really high flow point. I can’t remember right off
the top of my head. Laney

Is there copper or brass solder so we can solder without leaving
silver solder lines in our work

Indian Jewelers Supply and Thunderbird Supply, both out of Gallup,
NM, carry brass colored solder. Both companies are online. This solder
does fine for red or yellow brass, but is too light for copper.
Orchidites mentioned using pre-1965 pennies rolled through a mill for
solder for copper successfully, as they have the right composition for
zinc and copper. Personally I haven’t tried it yet. Hope it helps.
K.P. in WY

Hello Tracey, Why not use yellow gold solder? Unless you are a large
manufacturing activity, the cost is not prohibitive. Have a good day.
Tom Arnold

Hi Stacey, Rio Grande sell a brownish high copper content solder for
hard soldering copper. Unfortunately, it does leave a bit of a grey
line. I have recently experimented using silver solder for copper.
If the pieces are very well fitted before soldering you can achieve a
nearly invisible join. It would be even better with the copper
solder. Also, if you can patina the finished
item, the join does not show at all. Hope this helps. MP

Hi stacy , you should use 6 kt yellow gold solder and use brass
flux. you should be care ful not to apply too much solder to the
copper. have a nice day .JD.

Hey Tom, Soldering copper with gold solder is a great idea, I can’t
wait to try it. I’ve tried all the ideas I’ve come across, and just
can’t get a color match, even with the melted copper pennies. THANK
YOU! Helene