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Soldering a prototype to have a mold made


Hi everyone, I’m soldering a prototype together that I want to have a
mold made of to mass produce it. I’m using IT, hard, and medium
solder. What I want to know is, can these solders hold up to
volcanization? If they can’t, can I have an RTV mold made and still
mass produce the design? Everything I’ve ever had cast (which is not
much) was carved out of wax. I couldn’t carve this prototype so
instead I’m piecing it together. Please let me know. Thanks again,
Augest Derenthal Cry Baby Designs


A rubber mold will produce some stresses, but even lead or tin
solders will usually hold up to the vulcanization process. In the ase
of RTV molds, glue or wax can be used.



never had any problems with solder melting. molds vocanize at
something like 350 degrees - well below solder melt point. hope that
helps Talk to you later Dave Otto


The solders you are using should hold up fine for vulcanization or
RTV. What you might consider is to discuss your project with your
caster before you assemble your model for any hidden problems for

Larry Paul Casting Co. Inc.
740 Sansom St
Philadelphia, PA , 19106